Canine Nutrition and Fitness

Canine Nutrition 

All dogs need a well balanced nutritionally complete diet to meet their nutritional requirements at specific life stages.  A complete diet will include several kinds of nutrients that will allow your dog to flourish and survive.  These nutrients include: amino acids (from protein), fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and clean fresh water. 

Dog’s need the correct amount of energy to sustain normal activities and functions throughout their day and every day.  At certain times during their life their energy requirements will increase and decrease.  During the growth period, pregnancy and lactation, their energy requirements will increase and during their senior years (depending on their activity level and health status) their energy requirements may decrease. 

Whether you choose a commercially manufactured or home prepared diet, dogs need to consume a nutritionally complete diet daily to maintain their health and physical fitness.

Nutritional requirements for dogs can vary according to the breed of dog, age, activity level and health conditions.

You may be thinking by now, ‘how much should I be feeding my dog’ or ‘is the food I am currently providing meeting all of my dogs nutritional needs’.  With the constant research that is happening within the field of Canine Nutrition, it is hard for the average pet owner to know or perhaps to even understand if they are choosing the right diet for their dog.  It is therefore important that we stay up to date with what current research is telling us regarding the nutrient requirements for our canine friends.