Canine Nutrition and Fitness


Hello, my name is Wenona Sheehan and I am the founder of Canine Nutrition and Fitness.

I love all animals and have worked with many different species over the years including domestic, farm, and exotic animals but my passion in life are my dogs and canines in general.


I have worked in the animal care field since 1983. I am certified in several different areas:

  • Animal Technologist (4 year program)
  • Zookeeper (3 year program)
  • Animal Attendant (2 year program)
  • Animal Welfare (1 year program)
  • Dog Groomer (6 month program)
  • Canine First Aid Certificate
  • Animal Care - Dog Certificate (Nutrition, Fitness & Training)
  • Canine Nutrition and Fitness (2 year program - current)

Education in the field of canine nutrition is a lifelong undertaking. Research in the area of canine nutrition is ongoing within the pet food and canine nutrition world and therefore new developments are often presenting themselves to help us better understand what our precious canine companion’s nutrient requirements are. Because of this fact, I am always looking to advance my knowledge in this area and therefore I am currently studying 'Canine Nutrition and Fitness' Diploma.

I have also studied canine nutrition informally for many years to arm myself with the best and up to date information available.

Rebel's Story

2009 at the age of 12 one of my own beloved dogs ‘Rebel’ was diagnosed with Nasal Adenocarcinoma. I was absolutely devastated. Even though Rebel’s symptoms had only just presented themselves I was advised by the veterinary oncologist that his cancer was at an advanced stage. I was told that without treatment he only had at best two months and with radiation treatment I may be lucky enough to have another six months with my best friend. Rebel was otherwise a healthy and fit 12 year old who looked and acted a much younger dog.

No one knows your dog better than you do, and I knew that if any dog could beat this it would be Rebel. I also knew that the radiation treatment wasn’t going to be his complete savior so I researched all that I could about canine cancer and canine cancer diets. Complete nutrition plays a vital role for good health of all canines and sometimes specific diets are required for certain conditions and diseases. Rebel went on to live another 2 ½ years post radiation treatment and I believe that his diet played a significant role in his amazing achievement. I have to add in here that the love and bond that Rebel and I shared also played a part in him staying for as long as he could.  Love you Reb!

There are no guarantees in life and I am not saying that all cancer diets will give your dog a couple of more years, for Rebel however, I believe his diet played a significant role in his longevity.

Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to hearing from you.